A mystery.

An enigma.

A legacy

Johnny is everywhere but nowhere at the same time.

Legend has it that Johnny was an old fairground character, brought up on the spinning waltzers and the rollicking carousels back in the 1950s.

He travelled the world with his showman family, soaking up the atmospheres that were created by the crew he grew up with.

Johnny learnt what made folks dance in Newcastle, sing in Dublin, embrace in Manchester and feast in London. With his ever watchful eye he drank in every last drop of what makes a venue great.

He planted his roots in venues all over our great country, from fairs to bars to bingos to discoteques. Johnny’s craft was learnt in making people have a good time.

And it is this essence that he brings to our new venue. You may not see him or hear him (or will you?) but you will feel his presence in every beat, every drink served and every morsel devoured.

As Johnny always says. Let's Live.